Professional Services

We deliver staffing services for all your mission-critical IT projects.

Business Process Engineering

The Innovia Group is a software solutions integrator. We work with businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs alike – to bring software ideas to life. In addition to creating software that is 100%-owned by our clients, our professional services team can advice and support on how to scale, and manage operating expenses that help your bottom line.

Business Process Engineering

Process, People, Software

We help create high performing teams that bring software ideas to life and to market.  We understand what it takes to build the software and the maturity to support the process and training needed to implement the entire solution.

Our team members are domain experts with the right mix of technical and soft skills to fit into any project or team culture.

Our teams can be local, remote, or a hybrid with some team members working local and others working remote.  Our local and remote team structures provide flexibility options for all project sizes and schedules.

Our core team roles Include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Inclusion Services
  • Application Development and Integration
  • Database Design, Administration & Maintenance
  • Software Implementation & Installation
  • eBusiness & Web Applications
  • Management Consulting
  • Process –oriented development methodology

Custom Software Development

That’s it, hassle-free custom software solutions.

Our teams of software engineers connect disconnected software systems and business processes to communicate or help entrepreneurs refine and launch new ideas in 4 simple steps.  

That’s it, hassle-free custom software that will meet budgets of all sizes and professional help to spur innovation while bringing some really cool solutions to the market, your customers, or your business operations.


The Process

The Process

We have developed a proven software and product development process to implement software that solves real-world problems.

The process builds upon itself and has 4 software artifacts:

  1. IDEA – Every great product starts as an idea.
  2. CONCEPT – Once you’ve selected an idea, we help you to vet its value and decide if there’s a real concept behind the idea.
  3. PROTOTYPE – Upon confirming a viable concept, we create a prototype
  4. PRODUCT – The prototype is expanded and a powerful software produce is created.