We help you to find the right talent when you need it.

Employer Experience

We assign a recruiter to your account.  They work with you to define the hiring needs and create your Employer Teamstub profile.  We will start sourcing and our software matches candidates and vendors to your profile.  When a match is found, each are notified and from the Teamstub app, they view each other’s Teamstub profile and if both swipe up a connection is made and our recruiter vets the candidate or vendor on your behalf.

You can make a hiring decision right away or try out the relationship for up to six months before making the hiring decision.  The Innovia Group will hire the candidate, provide benefits comparable to the Employer and will conduct 360 degree candidate evaluations.  We also offer support services to help the candidates transition into an Employer’s workforce culture.

Experience Gaurentee

  1. We find unique qualified candidates for employers
  2. Our screening eliminates noise from the hiring process for all parties
  3. Teamstub uses feedback to refine search and evaluation criteria
  4. Teamstub offers a unique interface which makes the recruitment process fun!

For Hiring Teams

Being a software integrator has its benefits.  We have used many application tracking software (ATS) to support our recruitment processes, improve the recruitment experience for hiring managers, and to make it work, we had to change our processes to fit into other solutions.

So we created our own.

Teamstub is a mobile and web solution for hiring teams.  Teams use Teamstub to standardize the hiring processes across different hiring managers, identify trends that lead to a successful hires.   Hiring managers use the Teamstub mobile app to provide responses while on the go.

For Employers

Are you looking for ways to refine your hiring and recruitment process across multiple recruiters or recruitment agencies?

Then check out Teamstub Submission Hub!

The Teamstub Submission hub, is used Employers that use multiple internal or external recruiters. Once a submission is made, candidate profiles are immediately reviewable by hiring managers. This process is seamless for both the employer and recruiter as Teamstub integrates with many third party recruitment platforms.

Diversity & Inclusion

Connecting Employers to Diverse Communities and Individuals

The Innovia Group’s D&I platform is an ecosystem of diverse communities, individuals, suppliers and employers.  

There’s more to diversifying a workforce or procurement channels than matching employers with diverse candidates, posting jobs to job boards, or maintaining a list of vendors or suppliers for diversity procurement.  Our solution facilities deep relations between employers, diverse communities and individuals while establishing support mechanisms from all parties.

How does it work?

The D&I platform is the intersection between the Community Cloud and Teamstub.  The Community Cloud serves as a sourcing channel for communities and individuals.  Its management and member engagement tools and rewards drives engagement and inclusion.  

Simultaneously, The Innovia Cloud is continuously building communities and driving engagement with the Community Cloud service offering.  By working in conjunction, TeamStub and The Community Cloud we create a closed loop system which creates a win/win scenario for employers and diverse candidates.